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Yokohama's Cup Noodle museum!

Headed over to Yokohama which is about an hour away by rain. There's a lot to do in Yokohama including it's famous China Town, theme parks, and of course.. the cup noodle museum!

We arrived around noon, got tickets for a time slot to design our own cup noodle around noon, and headed to the special ramen food court because we were starving! It was an international themed cup noodle food court with all different kinds of noodles. We tried Vietnam, Thai, and China. Yes, they were delicious.

After eating and walking around a bit, we headed to the cup noodle making and designing part of the museum for our 1pm time slot.

Being a weekend, it was packed! A lot of couples on dates and families were having fun designing their cup noodle.

After choosing the flavor and up to 3 ingredients, we were given a table and markers to start decorating our cup.

They then vacuum seal the cup noodles and you can place them in these blow up bags to wear them around your neck proudly!

One section of the museum displays every single type of cup noodle produced in the world! I was actually shocked to see the variety and history of the brand.

Dancin' with my cup noodle in front of these cup noodles.

Some random shots around the gift shop and exhibition halls.

Never give up! Livin' the cup noodle dream.

Some other things around the Cup Noodle museum.

We went to eat together at some random mall in the area and I headed home while the girls checked out China town.

I highly recommend checking out the museum if you get a chance! Something as random as instant noodles actually had a lot of interesting history and flavor to it. If you want to make your own noodles from scratch you can do that as well but you'll have to book it a few weeks in advance.

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