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Wandering Osaka and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

Next we spent a couple of days in Osaka which happened to land over Halloween. This meant Halloween horror nights was going on at Universal and Mila and I love halloween horror nights!

Some shots Mila took around downtown Osaka while I was editing wedding videos. Wedding videographer life D':

Some random Halloween Decorations in the underground malls.

Next day was dedicated to Universal Studios, of course!

Some of the photos don't present it well but the park was packed. Although it was midweek, I think a lot of students had the day off as the park was filled with teenagers.

Minion pizza? Was actually not very good. Japanese pizza toppings are strange. This one had corn, pineapple, and Japanese mayo among other things.

Went into this at some point near the end of the night and Mila and I were the only people inside. Welp, we got a photo with Hello Kitty all to ourselves!

Cool guy at the Hello Kitty shop.

Can't quite remember what this ride was, but you can get a glimpse of some of the park guests and how many people actually dressed up for Halloween.

Wish we took more photos at the park as some of the costumes were awesome. I took mostly videos so hopefully I'll have some sort of video compilation added to this post at some point.

Anyway, next stop is the beautiful mountain village, Koyasan!

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