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Wadabori with Joe and Ibi!

After coming to Wadabori with my parents the other day, Joe and Ibi had a day off with Mila and I and we decided to go again before the Cherry Blossoms started to fall.

Trying to stare at each other, stone faced.

Advertising for beer

Very normal photos.

Beautiful cherry blossoms over my beautiful wife holding a beautiful beer.

'Sniff them, Joe! It'll look good, I promise!'

Okay, we'll take some normal ones.

Okay, our turn, Joe!

Ibi met up with us after we used our Ibi call, "So so so so so, Yabai, yabai, yabai!"

Headed over to another small park that had a zipline!

Wow, so cute, Ibi!

Wait, what!

"Yeah, Joe, get in the flowers like Ibi did. You'll look cute!"

Okay, some normal ones.

Kawaii, neee

And so concludes another fun day at the park.

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