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Trick art museum in Odaiba

I had gone to the trick art museum in Takao on a previous trip to Japan without Mila, so I was excited to find out they had also opened one in Tokyo!

Our entrance tickets to start the day!

WoW, so strength.

No surprise here!

Right in the bucket.

Just reinforcing the stereotype that all asians look alike.

Missing Lee and Carter.

Feeling huge!~

Feeling even huger!

Ninja gliding.

Yeah, didn't really do this one properly.

Monsters and mischief.

Dinosaurs, turtles, mermaids and a headless Mila.

Caught! Last photos from the trick art museum. All in all, it was pretty fun, but it was much smaller than the one in Takao. I'd recommend the Takao location if you have a free day instead of this one.

In the same building as the Trick Art museum are a few other cool shops. An easy to win shooting gallery, a couple arcades, and a loot box store were all really neat shops to check out.

There was also a horror room/maze as well. We didn't go in, but you could hear high school kids screaming inside.

Some views from just outside the mall.

There's also a wax museum on the top floor.

One of our house mates had some free passes for an exhibition at Tokyo City View in Roppongi so we decided to check it out as well. Tokyo is absolutely stunning to view from here at night.

The special exhibition was for Fujiko Fujio. To be honest, I'm not very familiar with any of his work, but it was all pretty cool to look at.

What a cool girl.

Some more cool shots around the exhibition.

Last few shots of the city at night.

Relaxing after a long day.

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