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TeamLabs with Henry and Jenna!

We're pretty lucky to have a lot of our friends come out and visit us while we're in Japan, including Henry and Jenna. We reserved some tickets to TeamLabs Borderless in Odaiba about a week before they came and it was amazing! The price is a little steep at around 3200 JPY per person, but it was definitely worth it.

Pictured above is one of the coolest light shows I've seen. The entire floor and is mirrors to add an extra layer of depth.

Reaching out!

A beautiful waterfall made of lights


Silhouettes and lights.

The tea room was amazing! We almost missed it not realizing that it was actually part of the exhibition as well.

In this room, you colored in an animal in order to be projected on the floor. It multiplied by eating other people's drawings, and could also be squashed if you stepped on them.

Fun with balloons.

The beautiful butterfly room.

We spent a solid 4 hours here but probably could have spent at least 6! I highlight recommend going during a weekday when it's less busy or going closer to closing time as it clears out quite a bit.

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