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Studio Ghibli museum

After booking our tickets a month in advance and hyping ourselves up by rewatching Spirited Away, we finally got a chance to check out the Studio Ghibli museum. It didn't disappoint!

Unfortunately, photos we're not allowed inside the museum so I wasn't able to capture much.

At the roof of the museum stands the Robot from Castle in the Sky. Thankfully we were allowed to take photos here.

A shot from behind and a full size with us!

Some cool stone slab was also on the roof. Not sure, but I assume it's from a Ghibli movie as well.

More of the surrounding areas + an ice cream and hotdog stall.

All my cool girl shots of Mila. :p

After leaving the museum we walked around Inokashira park for some more snaps of Mila!

And then this cool guy.

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