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Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I wonder if maybe the reason I like capturing moments for other people so much is because I don't really understand how it feels to experience those moments.

I want to capture those moments so I can relive it and try to understand how they feel. I want to emulate their thoughts and emotions in that exact moment.. because I think that what I'm seeing every time is what how I'm supposed to be feeling.

A minute or two at a time I can engage in that vibrant look in her eyes. The shallow breaths of his nervousness.

I think to myself,


that must be nice

But maybe I don't feel it because I'm so obsessed with capturing their feelings in the first place rather than focusing on my own.

That sunset in Japan.

I could see how they all felt and I thought I wanted to seize that moment forever.

But then I never really got to feel it.

And around and around it goes.

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