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Senso-Ji and around with Kameko

Oh Hay, it's Kameko

Kameko came to visit Japan for the first time the day after New Years. She fit in perfectly.

We first went to check out Senso-ji shrine in Asakusa to see how the New Years festivities were shaping up. Do not recommend. Waaay too crowded and there are other, just as beautiful shrines in Tokyo that you can visit.

None the less, it is an interesting site to see. The entire shrine was surrounded by more pop up stalls that I didn't take any pictures of.

Hipster feet shot.

Some best buddy posing at a random shrine we walked past.

We walked over to Ueno and wandered the streets. Found a nice dessert cafe to try out some Matcha flavored things!

Of course, a trip for Kameko to Japan wouldn't be complete without checking out a cat cafe.

It was surprisingly fancy inside there! They do charge an arm and a leg so I guess it makes sense. There's charging stations, unlimited pop and coffee, and beautiful decor. All stuff cats need!

Look at this glorious looking furball.

More walking through some random streets. I think at this point we were in Shibuya or Shinjuku and found this other little shrine to take photos at.

"put your hand in your hair and look like a model"

Papa bless!

Headed over to love hotel hill in Shibuya and found this love hotel. Represent!

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