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Pedal Pub, part 2!

John had us stop for a quick photo op before heading to the next pub.

Still getting rowdier and redder as we pedal hard!

As we passed various venues in Inglewood, the patrons all cheered and holler'd us on making for a great atmosphere.

Second destination was revival brewcade! A pub that specializes in having vintage arcade machines.

Paparazzin' the girls.

Paparazzin' the boys.

Shotgun bet with Mark over Puzzle fighter. Good thing I play everyday!

Everybody playing some NBA Jam.

Whooo, group photo fun times.

C-grade korean pop star.

Gordon desperately running back to the bike after his toilet break.

Looking a little red there, Denise!

Happy Canada Day to you too.

These guys wanted to party with us while stuck behind our pedal pub!

Work those legs, Kim!

Cheers everybodeh!

Almerick ordering us a round of shots at the last pub. Have no idea what the name was, only that it was dark and dodgy.

Caught in the act.

Whoops, shoulda put it in Autofocus for Kelly!

Literally walked into the pub, took a shot, a group photo, and left. Less than 5 minutes spent here.

Cashing in on that shotgun bet!

Whooo, good job Mark.

Last round of drinks before we complete the cycle (pun intended).

Wow, good job pedaling Denise.

Girls gangster group photos.

The boooys.

The couple. =)

Thanks for the fun times everybody!

After wards we headed to Josh's place to wind down and have some pizza.

It was a good day.

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