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Our south Japan adventure begins. Nagoya, here we come!

Updated: May 30, 2019

After lounging around Tokyo for a couple weeks, we finally took off to travel a bit more of Japan before we started looking for work. Because we weren't eligible for the JR pass (tourist visa's are only eligible for JR passes), we decided to take over night bus' to save some dough.

We had major regrets.

Some of the travel distances weren't long enough to feel well rested the next day, or we'd sometimes arrive at 5 am which is far too early to check in. Ah, hindsight's 20/20 I guess.

Anyway, our first stop was Nagoya! Home of Toyota and known as a very trendy city.

There was some sort of international food festival going on in Central Park, right in front of Nagoya tower. It was a great atmosphere with a lot of food stalls and performances going on all around!

Nagoya Tower

This also happened to be Halloween weekend! Japan has truly mastered the art of commercializing holidays and events like Halloween. It's even bigger in Japan than in Canada or the US! There was a halloween costume parade circling around downtown Nagoya, not far from the food festival. Anyone was free to join!

Had to stop here for some photos near Nagoya Park.

Nagoya park is a popular spot for various performers to come and practice their dance routines or play music. Really awesome atmosphere that had a huge diversity of types of dances/music being performed by young people. The size of groups ranged from solo individuals to groups of more than 20 people.

First Coco-Curry on this trip!

Nagoya Castle! A lot of construction going on, but it and the area surrounding it was still quite beautiful.

Beautiful greenery around the castle.

Had to check out the Toyota museum which was actually awesome. Didn't take enough pictures (mostly videos), but the museum is split into two parts. The first part focus' on the history of Toyoda and it's origins as a cottonmill company and the second focus' on the Toyota most of us know today. Could have easily spent 4 or 5 hours here but unfortunately we arrived a bit late and got kicked out at closing!

Another beautiful Shrine before we caught our bus to Osaka.

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