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Our first few days.

Our first couple weeks were spent in Japan with no plans. Basically we caught up with friends, wandered around the city, and just relaxed a bit!

Of course we had to have some Onigiri! Had Beef this time, but everyone knows that Tuna Mayo is wassup.

Went to visit my brother at Google while he was in town for the week. Was a pretty ugly day.

The booth my brother works in at Google Tokyo. This is in the youtube creator section of the office.

Had some awesome lunch at the Google office. There's 4 different cafeterias, all with a different variety of food.

Finishing up lunch and enjoying the view from the office.

Free coffee for Google Employees and their guests!

Some assorted shots of the google office. Mila posing for me as per usual!

Also decided to check out these Michelin starred soba noodles! We had to arrive at 11am to pick up a meal ticket that was time slotted from 3pm until 4pm. We grabbed our ticket and came back a few hours later. Still ended up having to wait about an hour to get in, but it was worth it. Especially considering the price was less than 2000 yen per person!

I'm not even a Soba person but I really appreciated this shop, not just because of the soba, but the entire atmosphere of the shop. It's a small shop that seats about 10 people at a time which is why the wait is so long, but I can respect that they don't rush anything from service to cooking in order to avoid compromising the quality of the restaurant.

One of the most difficult things for us during our first few weeks of travel was that we had quite a few wedding videos to complete. We didn't want to stay in the AirBNB's all day so we would try to venture out to find a shop that had both outlets and free wifi so I could edit in a nicer environment. This wasn't always easy and we often ended up at places like McDonalds or Burger King! Still better than being crammed inside the house. =)

Went to this Chinese restaurant in Ebisu one of our free nights to have dinner with my brother. Cool atmosphere.

Oh hey! Lauren Tsai collab shop!

Oh hey! Gyu-kaku! Never did end up trying it.

Just some coffee from a shop in Harajuku we stayed at for a few hours to edit videos!

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