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Nikko Day 2

Because some of the attractions were closed at Toshogu shrine were closed when we went last night, we decided to check it out again on our second day.

Some of the crew!

Beautiful architecture. This shrine is famous for being white in color as opposed to the typical red you'll see all around Japan.

Monkey see, monkey do.

More gorgeous architecture.

Oh hay, it's us!

Oh hay! It's Marion and Nyon!

A couple hundred steps to the top.

Some strange turtle formation and a shrine awaited us at the top of the steps.

Nyon modelling for me as he waited at the bottom of the stairs for us.

We left the temple and decided to head up the mountains towards the waterfalls. After parking, Kavitha had a blast posing in the snow for me!

We first went to Ryuzu falls. It was beautiful with the snow falling, something we don't see too much of in Tokyo.

Some group and couple shots at the falls. Jonas being Jonas.

Walked up to the top of the falls to a road way where I did a mini shoot for Jonas and Julia.

What a couple of cuties.

Here are the real cuties though.

Nyon caught in the act.

One last photo at Ryuzu falls before we headed to our next spot.

Kegon falls! Arguably the most well known waterfall, mainly for its height. The winter atmosphere was stunning, and the town was empty. It really felt like we were the only people around for miles!

Took a couple drone videos and this one last shot of Marion and Nyon before we took the treacherous drive back to Tokyo. No winter tires on our car, and we were slippin' and sliding around town!

We survived in the end. =) It was a great weekend.

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