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Nikko Day 1.

This weekend we went on a group outing to Nikko! Nyon and Marion had told us about this abandoned amusement park they'd visited last year and so we decided last minute to check it out on a weekend road trip with 6 of our house mates!

Western Village. Apparently it shut down 12 years ago after sales had dropped. As implied by the name, it's an American western themed park full of cowboys and olden time decor.

We circled around behind the park in order to climb in and found a broken down bridge leading to the canteen. The bridge was a bit sketchy. The wood was rotting but we the steel beams supporting it were still sturdy enough to cross on.

Warren, Jonas, and Kavitha checking out the Canteen with me. A lot of broken glass and furniture.

Other abandoned park explorers had left behind a few chopper dolls and random print outs.

This creepy mannequin had it's face smashed in and was underneath the bridge we crossed.

Got a couple new rides while we were there though! I really needed to wash my hands after all the wierd stuff I touched.

Apparently this building was open when Marion and Nyon came here previously but the property owners caught on and started boarding everything up. Too bad. =(

A lot of random graffiti around the park.

This abandoned baby crib was inside the women's bathroom covered in dirt and spider webs.

A very american themed miniature Mt Rushmore.

More random parts of the park.

Jonas lookin' cool.

Not creepy at all.

A mannequin filled shooting gallery. Can you find the asian mannequin?

A few close ups of the shooting gallery mannequins. They have been through some trouble, I tell you what!

Our vampire diaries gangster pose!

Our slightly less gangster group photos before we headed off for a late lunch.

Mmmm, ramen. Yes that's a square chunk of butter.

Beautiful sunset as we crossed the bridge towards Nikko Tosho-Gu.

Warren lookin' stylish as we park for our evening stroll through the Tosho-Gu shrine in Nikko. It's one of the top attractions to see if you're ever in the area and it was quite beautiful and peaceful in the evening as there weren't much people around aside from us.

Saw these statues behind a smaller shrine where we parked. Can you spot what doesn't belong in the last 2 photos?

Mila lookin' pretty!

I love the red at every shrine.

Some fun photos with our friends.

Cool guy Warren and cool girl Kavitha with her bright yellow coat.

Made our way through the main shrine area to a pleasantly empty shrine.

After that we headed to the grocery store, cooked a bit at our AirBNB, and had the Loumeir and Mila show on all night.

It was a great day.

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