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New Years in Tokyo

New years in Japan is an amazing event to experience.

Pop up booths are set up all over the country and stay open all throughout the week. There's food, games, and drinks available to purchase and it's just an overall fun time to spend with friends and family.

During the day on new years eve, we checked out our local shrine which is one of the more popular shrines amongst locals for these kinds of events. Ohmiya-Hachimangu is the name and it's not very well known amongst tourists so you'll really only see Japanese locals here.

The shrine during the early hours on New Years eve. They've started preparations and are getting ready for the huge crowds to come during the week.

Some selfies.

Many of the vendors getting ready as well! Some already serving food and drinks.

Stopped for a few more snaps of Mila and then went back home to prepare for the night festivities.

After a little bit of partying and Karaoke in our house, we headed out with a bunch of our house mates to Shibuya for more Karaoke before the countdown.

Hopped on the train. Daisuke being Daisuke.

Got some New years footage from our phone's i'll be putting here!

After the countdown and Karaoke we headed back to Ohmiya-Hachimangu for some midnight New Years festivities.

As you can see, it's much more packed full of people even though it was around 1am when we arrived.

Sophia and Kim!

Headed back home around 2 am for some rest. We planned on coming back in the afternoon on New Years day.

Everyone goes to the shrines to start their new years off with a fortune and blessings.

Apparently, Mila got the worst fortune you could get. Sucks to be her!

Huge crowds of people were coming in and out of the Shrine all week.

Some strange rice drink. It wasn't very good. The fish was great but expensive @ 500 yen for that size.

We also ended up checking out Meiji Jingu shrine over in Harajuku. You could really tell the difference in crowd as there were much more tourists and other foreigners here.

New Years successful!

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