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Nara, a day trip from Kyoto.

We hopped on a train to Nara which was only about an hour away from Kyoto. Off to see more temples and deer!

Strong dudes protecting the temple at the gates of Nara.

One of the many temples at Nara.

Hey, look cool!

Looking cool.

Hundreds of Deer just walking around the park, being read to bow for cookies!

You can buy cookies at the local vendors for a couple hundred yen. The deer have learned to bow to request cookies over the years!

Getting cookies ready for feeding time!

Mila freaking out when the tongue touches her hand!

Mmmm, cooookieees.

This deer chillin in the ditch!

After this we met up with another friend in Nara and had our first conveyer belt sushi. No photos, but videos to come (as per usual.).

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