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Naka Meguro night time viewing

Naka Meguro is a famous spot for nighttime viewing of Cherry Blossoms as there are stunning illuminations set up to highlight the river and flowers.

There are tons of stalls set up with Sakura themed food and drinks as well. The crowd was massive, but it was worth checking out.

These adorable cats were trained to set on this monument by their owner! They were so still, while all the onlookers ooh'd and ahh'd over how cute they looked.

You can see how popular they were!

A view of the illuminated flowers above the river.

Mila lined up to get some Cherry Blossom soda.

Grumpy for some reason holding her soda!

Nice and happy! It didn't really taste that great.

This Starbucks is the world's largest Starbucks. We didn't go inside this time, but we'll definitely check it out in the future.

Staring over the edge of the bridge.

See ya~!

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