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Miyajima sunsets.

After our night in Koyasan we hopped onto an overnight bus to Hiroshima.


Arrived around 7 am and barely slept on the bus so we first slept at a capsule hotel in hiroshima for a few hours before we headed to our hostel closer to Miyajima. No photos but I'll have some videos added to this later!

The first day in Miyajima we ended up making friends with a couple guys. Michael from the UK and David from Ireland. Awesome guys that we ended up going to Miyajima with!

Hopped on the Ferry which was about 10 minutes away and landed on the beautiful island Miyajima.

These 'Holy' deer are found wandering all over the coast of the island. Although Nara is famous for the park that is home to the bowing deer, these deer are considered Holy deer and are very well protected on the island. You're not really supposed to pet them.. but everyone was doing it!

The Great Torii Gate at Miyajima. This is the most popular tourist attraction on Miyajima. We came at the perfect time also. October/November is the only time of the year that you can view the gate with both high tide and sunset happening at the same time.

Some closeups of the gate at low tide

Decided to hike up to the top of the mountain to get a nice view of the coast. Pretty short hike at about 45 minutes each way!

Nice having friends to take some photos of us, ha.

These little statues are all over shrines around Japan. People knit clothing for them to ask for blessings for children, alive and deceased.

Group photo at the top of the hike. David on the left and Mike on the right.

Made the hike back down to see the gate at sunset and high tide.

Some final portraits of the gang before we hopped on the ferry back.

And of course, some food we had throughout the day.

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