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Kyoto: Last day here!

We checked out of our AirBnB and dropped off our luggage at the Kyoto train station. Normally there's a ton of lockers available for travelers to leave their luggage at. Prices range from 500 yen to 1000 yen depending on size. This weekend was a big mistake to try this. Because of the huge influx of tourists for the autumn colors, it took us nearly an hour to find an available locker! We really had to vulture hard!

Rewarding ourselves with some 'Geisha' coffee at the train station.

Hopped on the bus and headed to the thousand torii gates. It's about a 30-40 minute hike to the top with the majority of tourists concentrated within the first 10 minutes of the base. Watch out for dozens of selfie sticks and spatially unaware visitors standing in the most highly trafficked areas for photos. =/

Strayed away from the main path to avoid a huge tour bus and took a tiny pathway that led to this shrine that looked to be under construction. it was a nice little break from the crowd!

A couple of the less typical looking gates along the path to the top.

The shrine at the top! There was only about 20 people at the top when we got here. If you're looking to get the typical photo of the Torii gates without many people around, you really have to make the journey to the top where the population dwindles.

Of course we had to do our photos at the gates!

#1 Model

Random stream along the way down.

On the way up and down the hill are a few tea shops that sell inexpensive hard boiled eggs along with some matcha tea. Mmmmm. Egggggs.

Some more awesome modelling before heading back to grab our bags at the station and catch our bus!

Met up one more time at Kyoto station to wander around a bit. Like I said before, huge station!

Onwards to Kanazawa!

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