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Kyoto Day 1 and 2: Stunning architecture. A billion tourists.

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

We arrived in Kyoto to explore the city and it's surrounding areas for a total of 5 days. Kyoto easily had some of the most beautiful architecture, both old and new, and continuously left us in awe. On the other hand, we were travelling during the second busiest time of the year: When the autumn colors start to come in.

The amount of tourists was unreal. Although our surroundings were beautiful, the ridiculous amount of foot traffic at every corner truly took away from the spectacularness of it all. None the less, we did enjoy our time albeit spent dodging selfie sticks and huge tour groups.

Our arrival day was spent at Kyoto station which is absolutely massive. Had some delicious ramen at the top of the station and took some snaps of Kyoto tower from the skywalk at Kyoto station.

Tried to start the next day off early to avoid crowds but ended up sleeping in. Oh well! Still avoided them at some spots!

The famous bamboo forest.

My favorite shots of Mila of the day!

Wandering around the area near the Bamboo forest.

Next we headed on down to the monkey sanctuary! It was a little bit of a hike up so this luckily meant the lazier tourists didn't make the same journey. A lot less populated here! Well, other than the monkeys.

The view from the top of the monkey sanctuary.

She loved the monkeys so much she became one.

Some close ups of these OG monkeys. You could purchase nuts or other snacks to feed them for 100 yen a pack.

Japan definitely has the best ice cream vending machines. So many choices. Mmmmm, daiiirryyy.

Tickets to enter the gates for the Golden Temple!

The temple was absolutely gorgeous. Not seen in pictures: The insane amount of tourists. There were probably three dozen full tour buses full of people. It was really hard to get some photos without other people in my shots!

There's a lot of other beautiful things to see around the temple as well.

We walked around a bit more before heading to the silver pavillion. We took more videos than photos, so there's not much to see here for now.

Later that night, we headed out to see the night sights of Kyoto. The main road was busy and full of travellers.

The biggest and most famous Kabuki theatre in Kyoto. Although we didn't get a chance to watch some Kabuki this time, it's definitely on the list for the next time!

Walked through this area a couple times in the upcoming days. A lot of little stalls selling food, charms, and other assorted goods.

It started to get a little late so it was time to call it for day 3.

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