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Kawagoe Hikawa Festival

The Kawagoe Hikawa Festival is a traditional festival held every year on the third weekend of October in Kawagoe City. It attracts moreo than a million tourists in just two days!

Kawagoe is known as little Edo as it has preserved many of its traditional buildings.

This is why I don't model for photos.

There's hundreds of little street stalls lined up serving all sorts of treats!

So.. many.. people!

In addition to food stalls, there's a lot of trinkets for sale and games stalls as well.

Always gotta do that classic mouth purification! #papabless

Just a couple of the ancient buildings still left standing.

These gigantic and heavy floats are pulled around the roads by some locals. These are the main attraction of the festival and there's actually about 29 floats in total kept by each neighborhood of Kawagoe.

One of the little shrines in the area.

This is a really beautiful spot to check out during Cherry Blossoms season. Of course, we're a bit too early here but we knew we wanted to check out the spot anyway.

Heading back home. =)

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