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Karuizawa weekend trip

Decided to rent a car to head over to Karuizawa with Jonas and Julia this weekend! As much as we enjoy big groups, Jonas and Julia were leaving back to Germany pretty soon so we thought it'd be fun to go on a small trip with them.

First stop was Sengataki waterfall. It's about a 20 minute hike up the pathway to the small but scenic falls.

Made it to the top!

Creepin' on Jonas as he gets some artsy shots.

Cool girl shots of my wife.

Spot the J&J duo!

Spot the L&M duo now!

Lookin' like ants.

Jonas had his own photoshoot with Julia while we made our way down

We had gotten to Karuizawa pretty late so after this we headed back to our AirBNB and then to the Onsen. It was our first Onsen experience despite being in Japan for so long and so many times!

The next day we headed to Shiraito falls, the most popular waterfall in Karuizawa. It was actually on Terrace House! A lot smaller than we thought though.

It's nice having our own personal photographers with us as well.

Matching poses.

The walk to/back from the falls.

We then headed into the main town area where there are a number of tourist destinations. Pictured above is the Stone Church (石の教会 内村鑑三記念堂). There was actually a wedding going on so we weren't able to enter the church itself unfortunately.

Snaps of Mila at Harunire terrace. A trendy shopping area with plenty of cafes and restaraunts. In the summer you can see hanging umbrellas here.

Last stop was Onioshidashi park. A park consisting of volcanic rock amongst a couple temples.

Just at the entrance.

The park itself is huge, although there's limited foot path.

Papa bless!

The most beautiful of couples.

At the peak?

Practicing their Yoga poses.

'Everybody, look cool!'

Another successful weekend trip. Really gonna miss these two!

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