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Kanazawa and Shirakawagoe

We spent our last two days travelling Japan in Kanazawa and Shirawakawagoe. Our journey was quickly coming to an end, but it was still only the beginning of our full Japan adventure.

Headed over to the Samurai street, home to traditional architecture and a lot of sweets!

Tried the golden flake ice cream. Not too pricey, but also didn't really taste great, haha.

It was a rainy day, but beautiful none the less.

Shirakawagoe is a Unesco site about an hour and a half away from Kanazawa, making it a perfect day trip opportunity if you're based in Kanazawa!

Again, didn't take much photos but I have tons of video to filter through. Will add something when I can!

Inside one of the old houses. Beautiful, but dark and creepy.

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