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Arrived early in the morning (around 6am) after our overnight bus from Kyoto and we were exhausted. Headed to our hostel (Emblem Stay, Kanazawa) and basically tried to nap on their couch for an hour or so before forcing ourselves to get up and explore. Didn't end up taking a lot of photos because of how tired we were but when we headed back, we saw there was a cooking class going

The cooking class was fantastic! We ended up meeting a great group of people who we really connected with. Particularly an Australian couple and an Italian couple. Karaoke and Izakaya cooking nights were had, tonnes of memories made.

The following day we checked out Kenrokuen. This garden is known as one of Japan's three most beautiful landscape gardens and it definitely deserves the recognition. The gardens surround Kanazawa castle and have been open since 1871 for visitors to admire the beautiful scenery.

You'll notice the strange strings tied to many of the trees. These are used to help support the weight of snow on the branches during heavy snowfall in winter.

More of the trees being supported by cabling.

One of the small bridges in the garden. Makes for a good photo spot!

The autumn colors were gorgeous.

Kasumigaike Pond, one of Japan's oldest ponds.

Just call me Lourek Zoolander.

We left the park and wandered around the city. Ended up going out with our friends at the hostel again this night before heading to Kawagoe the next day!

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