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Kamakura with the parents!

It was my parents turn to come visit all the way from Calgary this week! We decided to do a short day trip to Kamakura despite the cold and dreary weather.

Kotoku-in temple, famous for it's huge Buddha statue.

More shots of the big buddha.

Some shots of the fam jam!

This busy shop on the way to/from the Big Buddha was full of different kinds of nuts.

Headed to Surugaoka Hachiman-gū, the biggest shrine in Kamakura. There were a few people dressed up in Kimono's as well as some food stalls set up.

Couple random photos at the shrine.

My number one model!

Some silly family shots.

Some big crowds despite the weather being so bad.

More modelling!

Beautiful pathway in the middle of the opposing roads.

One last family photo, this time with all of us!

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