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Second full day in the area was spent exploring Hiroshima's preserved historic sites. We had a very somber experience here being exposed to the atrocities of war. One senior on the bus heard us speaking English and eagerly spoke to us in near perfect English. He was 88 years old and had experienced the bombings at Hiroshima. It seems that many of the citizens of Hiroshima enjoy informing visitors of their history and their experience during the war in order to promote peace throughout the world.

Where the bomb dropped.

A memorial erected near the bombing site.

Alongside the memorials there are beautifully designed parks and gardens around the city.

Taking a break for some matcha and ice cream.

Seems like there's always some sort of food festival going on in Japan. This was a Ramen festival with over 20 ramen stalls open in downtown Hiroshima.

Took a stroll in the area around Hiroshima castle. Tons of nice greenery and gardens, as per usual.

The castle!

Bonus photos: Our last morning at our hostel. Next stop, Kyoto!

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