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Hanami at Inokashira Park

Hanami, aka Cherry Blossom viewing, is an event that occurs throughout Sakura season where friends and family gather at parks for some casual picnicing! Some parks are incredibly packed, while the smaller and local parks are usually a bit less busy. We had gone almost everyday to picnic with different groups of people and it was a blast!

This time we went with Kim and Nyon.

McDonalds and beer, the perfect hanami combo.

Some shots of the beautiful river that crosses Inokashira park.

Jo also ended up joining us!

More photos of the crew.

The cherry blossoms had already begun to fall quite a bit at this point, but it remained gorgeous to look at.

Model Mila time!

We ended up grouping up with a bunch of the girls from the share house as well before heading to Karaoke for the night.

Really missing Hanami season now!

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