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Enoshima, day trip from Tokyo

Now that Josh was with us for a couple weeks, we decided to do a day trip to Enoshima with him and Ibi.

We had gone to Kamakura with my parents previously which is right beside Enoshima, but we didn't get to see the famous island. Fortunately, this meant we had the opportunity to explore it now.

Checking out the beach first.

Classic hand holding shot.

Working that camera.

Had to try some soft serve. If you're thinking that the soft serve Ibi is holding looks sort of strange, you'd be right. It's called Whitebait ice cream, aka tiny fish ice cream. Yes, that's fish. Honestly, it didn't taste that bad! It was a little salty.

First we headed to Enoshima shrine. It was a tiny hike up, but it was a HOT day.

Stopping to check out the Samuel Cocking Garden on the way.


Creepin' on some of these charms.

Had to try the Octopus cracker! It was actually delicious.

While we were eating this, there were multiple hawks hovering from above, waiting for the perfect opportunity to swoop in and take people's food. A pair of girls were actually eating a soft serve cone and a hawk swooped in and stole it right in front of us!

There's always structures like this around for some photo ops.

Welcome to Enoshima!

Depressed weeb.


The view from the top of the Sea Candle light house.

Another good photo op spot.

Who posed better? (Obviously me)

Peak form.

Showing off that belly.

Having a beer and a meal while over looking the ocean.

The view from our ocean side seats.

Checking the map to get to the Iwaya caves. They were closed. =(

But you could still check out the shoreline! A lot of people were walking along the rocks for photos and to just admire the ocean waves.

There was also a glorious merman washed ashore.

We brought a bottle of wine and some plastic cups to fully enjoy the atmosphere.

Headed back to the mainland, grabbed some mini taiyaki, and went home. It was a good day.

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