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Christmas season at Sunshine City Aquarium

Put a Saturday aside to check out the aquarium at the top of Sunshine City in Ikebukuro!

It was jam packed with families checking out the season's decorations and festivities but not so full that we couldn't enjoy the aquarium.

The outdoor portion of the aquarium has guests walking underneath a small pool filled with dozens of penguins! Really interesting perspective, seeing them swim right above you.

It's definitely not the biggest aquarium in the world, but it's also nice being able to go to something like this in the middle of Tokyo.

That is one ugly fish.

They had a couple of divers dress up as Santa and Rudolf performing a short show. The kids loved it!

Some random shots from around the aquarium.

Mila and I, along with several other families were initially convinced this turtle was stuck on top of the shell of another turtle. You could hear the children and their parents saying, "Gannbatte!", wishing him luck in breaking free from the other turtles shell. A few minutes in, it become apparent that they weren't stuck on each other.. Rather, the turtle on top was attempting to 'mount' the bottom turtle.. The mumblings of the parents slowly realizing this was hilarious!



'emm, aa-re?'

'ah, ah..'

*quickly rushes their children away*

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