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Celebrating our 2 year anniversary with friends on a Pedal Pub!

We've been outside of Canada for the past 9 months so we thought that it'd be fun to celebrate our anniversary this year with a lot of the friends we haven't been able to spend much time with lately! What better way than to try out Pedal Pub since they've just gotten their on-board liquor license this week. We're lucky enough to be one of the first groups in Canada to try it.

Gather and Gooooo

The crew getting ready!

Our hosts were John and Kelly and they were awesome! John drove while Kelly 'bartended' (?) for us in the back. They also helped keep us hyped up throughout the duration of the ride.

A few shots of the bikes. We opted to do the Inglewood route instead of their beltline one. It worked out since it was more conveniently located for us anyway as we parked our cars at Josh's place.

On board and ready to pedal!

We bought 30 beers/ciders/vodka mixes for about 5$ a can. Not bad!

John and Kelly explaining the rules of the bike. No peeing or pooping off the bike please.

A few more shots before we're off.

And we're off!

Kelly keepin' us hyped for the next stop.

First stop was Ol' Beautiful. Apparently where Hipsters are born, according to John!

Oh Hay, it's Almerick

Everybody getting their first round of beer.

I had their Japanese Ale. Pretty good!

Always ready to peace sign.

Mmm, outdoor beers on a sunny day.

Oh hay, it's Gordon.

Kim and Mila reppin' red for Canada day.

The girls @ YYC

Get outta here, Long!

Anniversary photos.

Group shot @ YYC

Heading back to the bike to get ready for the next peddlin!

Oh, Hi David.

Everyone getting a little rowdier and a little redder.

Check part 2 in the next post for more!

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