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Another picnic in Inokashira and the horror Izakaya.

Although Hanami season was over, we still wanted Josh to experience picnicing in Japan so we headed over to Inokashira with a tarp, some food, and some drinks.

It was nowhere nearly as packed as during Hanami season, which was welcome. A lot more peaceful, although there were a few other people having picnics as well.

The shochu that Abi and Alex got Mila for her birthday!

Although the bottle was very cute, the flavor of the Shochu was.. er a bit less than desireable. We did pull through and finish it over the next week or so!

Afterwards, we headed to the horror themed Izakaywa in Kichijoji! For a while we were the only ones there. It was well decorated, albeit a bit corny, and a really fun atmosphere. It was, however, a bit pricey. :S

We ended up trying their 'Russian roulette' style food and drink menu. There were 4 rounds of Russian roulette consisting of one type of food or drink, enough for everyone, but one unfortunate loser would have their food full of wasabi!

Round 1: Gyoza (Nyon lost)

Round 2: Cream puff (Kim lost)

Round 3: Ack, can't remember what it was (Mila lost)

Round 4: No food, but a few vials where one was a stronger shot of alcohol (Josh lost)

I came out on top!

The vials we drank.

Josh's dead body in the casket.

Everyone has a dead spirit charm except me! Sorry, suckas.

See ya!

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