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A weekend in Kichijoji and Odaiba

Spent December 29th and 30th exploring a few other districts of Tokyo. Kichijoji was conveniently located only one train ride away from our apartment and so we decided to make an evening out of it before the New Year.

Beautiful and trendy, Kichijoji reminds me of a less crowded version of Shinjuku. Harmonica alley is a must see place to visit with it's rows and rows of back alley bars.

More backalley bars and some random photos.

Hey look, it's the white house!


Some other trendy looking shops.

We also hadn't seen Inokashira park yet, which is one of the main attractions at Kichijoji. It's home to the Studio Ghibli museum as well as some of the most beautiful Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo. We definitely needed to plan on coming back during the day time as there wasn't much to see in the darkness!

The next day we hopped on the train to make the hour long commute to Odaiba which any tourist or local can easily spend a full weekend or more in.

The inside of the Tokyo City showcase.

A miniature driving track for kids to help teach them the rules of the road! No high speed driving for kids here. As you can see, there were some Christmas decorations set up around the area.

Next we went into the Venus Fort mall which is beautiful designed. The painted sky roof reminded me of casinos in Macau.

A beautiful fountain and it's roof in the middle of the mall.

Team labs had set up a miniature exhibition piece in the mall as well.

A random restaraunt.


Left the mall and did some cool guy photos on the way to our next stop.

The giant Gundam! Since the last time we'd come here, they'd actually changed the Gundam by painting over it. The new model is the 'Unicorn' model whereas I believe the old one was RX-78-2 which was from Gundam Wing. I actually liked the older one better as it had a few more colors, (red, blue and yellow) whereas this new one is just white. A little too plain for something so grand, I think.

Fully lit up during one of it's show times.

One last random snap before we headed home.

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