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Hello, Beautiful!


Having shot over 100 weddings as a photo+film professional, I'm all too familiar with the excessive administrative efforts that go into the constant communication between client and vendor.

Managing 20-25 clients at a time is not only a major time commitment, but juggling so many contracts, schedules, and e-mail chains simultaneously is a recipe for double bookings, missed e-mails, and unhappy clients.

Hello, Beautiful! aims to streamline the entire process in order to allow the photo+film professional to focus more on the creative side of the job and less on the administrative side.


  • Design an app that has the following features

    • Provide virtual deliverables from vendor to client​

    • Allow clients to order prints directly from the vendor

    • Include a scheduling tool for clients to book additional shoots

    • Allow clients to create, arrange, and share custom photo albums

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